Tim Dawkins
Marcus Dawkins
Appeared Wish You Were Here
Status Unknown, Presumably Living.
Gender Male
Family Marcus (brother)
Actor Arlen Escarpeta

Tim Dawkins is the brother of Marcus Dawkins, who was Molly Woods' former lover. Molly encounters Tim at her birthday party having not seen or heard from him in over 8 years.

Biography Edit

Tim experienced a rough patch following his brother's death, leading him to become distant from his family and friends. He apologizes to Molly for not being there to console her when Marcus died. Tim goes on to tell Molly that he sees Marcus all the time, sending him a message that he's still with them despite his death.

Molly gestures to Tim to join in the group picture beside her. However, Molly soon learns from John that there was no Tim at her birthday party. He - like Marcus - was just a figment of her imagination. Tim was never beside her in the group picture; there was just an empty space.[1]

It is then hinted at that Tim was actually an energy spore, feeding into Molly's imagination.[2]

References Edit

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